A fun, outdoor kids party, where the kids can enjoy the magic of bubbles. Some of the activities of this party include: Bubble art, Bubble blowing and learning to make your own giant magic bubbles.


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Cafe du Cirque


Still serving the best pancakes and pizzas!


Cafe du Cirque


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The Stables @ Cafe du Cirque


The Stables @ Cafe du Cirque


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Living Tables


Intrigue your guests with a centrepiece to remember.


Living Table


Our Living Tables are great for welcome drinks, canapes or gifts for your guests.


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The Swingettes



The Swingettes are 3 girls that perform a 6 minute act on a double aerial ring. They currently have 3 themes: Burlesque, Tango and Cirque. They can also work to any music to suit your event.



Aerial Chandellier

Aerial Chandellier - Boswell Wilkie Circus




Corporate Events

Team Building



The Pirate Experience


Party Pals


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